Holiday group, a brain child of Mr.Thampi, had a humble beginning as a trading operation, which gradually evolved into a diversified conglomerate with well-defined business interest in various strategic locations, head quartered in United Arab Emirates.

The Holiday group has three divisions, namely, Trading, Hospitality, REM (Real Estate, Engineering, Media), which totals an annual turn-over of $300 Million and employee over 1000 skilled professionals from diverse disciplines. The group prides itself of its ability to have coherence, concurrence and consonance in all aspect of our business cycle.

Our conviction that our business does not thrive in isolation focusing on return of investment alone, led us to initiated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Holiday Group is about understanding our business impact on the wider world and considering how we can translate this impact into positive energy.

We strongly believe the way conduct our business impacts our internal and external customers. CRS focus was on the betterment of the society, which led the group to venture into education, which is a door opener, to the endless world of opportunity & wide possibilities. Holiday group has achieved stunning growth since the inception of this CRS Initiative three years ago.

The Holiday Group, groomed to pinnacles of success by our Chairman Mr. Thampiís vision& far sightedness and with relentless support of our sponsor Sheikh Yousif Khalifa Rashid Al Mualla, a member of the Umm-Al-Quwain ruling family.

To enhance and explore business opportunity the group has establishment of a strategic investment divisionthat reviews all new investment ventures. The division persistently unearths the possibility of expanding business ventures that are concurrent and lucrative to the exciting business activity.